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Heart Failure Education
 • Heart Failure Simulation   
Clinic Form
 • Internal Medicine Clinic Sheet   
 • Flowsheet
 Useful educational information
 • Summary educational handout   
 • Regular Weight Log   
 • UHN Salt restriction
 • Detailed Weight/Vitals/Symptom Log     
 • Adjusting your diuretic dose   
 • UHN Fluid restriction   
 Medication information
 • ACE inhibitors   
 • ARBs   
 • Beta blockers   
 • Beta blocker titration & switching   
 • Diuretics   
 • Digoxin   
 • Spironolactone   
 Patient Educational modules from the HFSA
 • Taking control of your heart failure   
 • How to follow a low sodium diet   
 • Heart rhythm problems   
 • Following your treatment plan and dealing with your symptoms   
 • Exercise and activity   
 • Managing feelings about heart failure   
 • Tips for family and friends   
 • Managing other chronic conditions   
 • Advanced care planning   
 • Heart rhythm problems   
 • How to evaluate claims of new heart failure treatment and cures    
 Self management  materials
 • Self management plan worksheet   
 • Examples of self management goals   
 • 2006 CCS HF guideline   
 • 2007 CCS HF update   
 • 2008 CCS HF update   
 • 2009 CCS guidelines RHF, myocarditis and update   
 • CCS 2 page guidelines   

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